Yesterday I wrote about my pet cat “Ginger”!

The day I took Ginger home, he was scared. Although I wanted to, I could neither hold him or rub him! His claws would even come out!

Yet day by day as we fed him he became calmer and calmer and the rest is history. He soon looked like Garfield!

And so as I think back! Is God like a new pet-owner desiring to feed us and fill us with love?

Are we sometimes like this new kitten, afraid and eager to run away?

Does God patiently wait and build our trust with Him day by day and even when we get angry and afraid, does He not come back the next day with more love as He knows that the fear is so often beyond our control?!

For many years people said that I was like a wild colt and that I too had to be tamed! The trouble is that I didn’t want to be tamed…at least not like that!

I had no interest living a boring life in a monastery. I spent 3 months once with the Bedenectins, it wasn’t me!

So does being tamed mean turning soft and having a life void of adventure?

So I walked out of religious houses all over the world. A priest in Australia even said that I was being bounced about by demons!

They couldn’t accept that God might tame me all while leaving me with the wild free spirit of adventure He made me with!

Years later the french monks apologised to me. They got it!

“You are like the early irish missionaries, your cell is in your spirit”.

It made me cry. It is very painful to be accused of being evil when you are following Jesus, especially from priests, and yet such are the trials that Jesus has allowed to get me to where I am now!

Ginger my kitten had the best of both worlds! He was free, he slept outside, caught mice when he felt like it and at the same time came inside and snuggled in my lap when he felt like that!

And so it is the same with God! He is not trying to take our freedom away but rather to make us freer and fully alive!

God gave me the desire to travel, the like of languages, He didn’t want me learning to knit in a monastery on an island, He wanted me travelling the world using all my gifts for Him!

And so too for you! God’s plan isn’t to see you walking around with a frown beating yourself up because you are a sinner, He desires you to bounce around full of joy rejoicing in His mercy and goodness and sharing this hope with all around you!

And so as John Paul II said; “don’t be afraid to give yourself fully to Jesus”.