Growing up we used to watch Judge Judy on the TV

“the cases are real, the rulings are final…..Judge Judy, she’s ready to rule!!”

Now putting dear old Judy aside, what about Judge Jesus?!

God’s justice is a side that remains hidden. People like to exaggerate His mercy and ignore His justice but this isn’t correct!

I used to be afraid of God’s justice, but actually I had no reason to be! Justice is about truth.

God’s justice pours mercy on those who don’t know any better and punishment on those that do! We can see in action in the Bible where Jesus is so merciful to the prostitutes and tax collectors and so harsh and firm with the scribes and Pharisees!

Was it unfair of Jesus to be so cruel to the Church leaders of His time?!


Justice is also an act of mercy! By using religion for their own power the scribes and Pharisees were not only hurting the people, they were putting their own souls in danger!

Church leaders both then and now have been given enormous responsibility by God! To misuse this responsibility is a very grave matter and one that puts their own souls at risk!

Jesus was giving them a wake-up call!

One could argue that He could have done it in a nicer way but sadly when some people have become so hard and arrogant, the only thing they listen to is what is said with force and authority!

To sister Faustina Jesus constantly spoke of God’s Justice.

He explicitly mentioned that to hurry to His mercy as Justice was on its way.

Sadly this has all but been ignored. Not wanting to scare people; many priests, bishops and even the Pope himself do not talk about these things. It’s like they do not exist or are not real. The good priests that do talk about these things suffer greatly and are in constant need of our prayers and support.

There is no protection in silence. Jesus did not come and threaten justice without a solution, no, He spoke of the reality of Justice and how to avoid it through His mercy!

Not to speak and preach and teach about God’s justice and the end times is an abominable sin of ommission and a mass deception of the people from the very highest level of the Church.

It is not up to any man to speak for God or to make up God’s rules! God speaks for Himself, He has His way and either we humble ourselves and accept it or not!

Sure it is scary, sure it is extreme and yet it is what it is! Every Saint and authentic preacher taught and preached the same thing, the Gospel!

So today, don’t fall into the trap that God is immeasurably patient and merciful and use this to justify a slothful life of sin with a half-hearted attitude to prayer!

Rather, take heed of Our Lady’s messages of prayer, repentence, fasting so that when Judge Jesus is ready to rule, He will be your advocate rather than your prosecutor!