Hello all!

Christmas is around the corner and we are all preparing both spiritually and practically for the big day!

Who better to prepare us than Our Lady who being the mother of Jesus both freely brought Him into this world and freely gave Him away!

Our Lady is the perfect example of putting God’s will first even when that meant seeing her son dying on a cross.

For those of us eager to grow spiritually we can humbly ask God this Christmas what things we are attached to.

It could be our reputations. We like when others speak well of us and care too much about their opinions!

It could also be material things. When I was in Ireland I knew quite a few very prayerful ladies who liked to direct other people’s lives and yet were married to husbands with very large farms of land. Often I wondered how they’d react if Jesus asked them to sell the land and give the money to the poor! I knew the answer already! It’s one thing to be prayerful from the comfort of a luxurious house and expensive clothes and quite another thing to be prayerful and have nothing!

Many will go to confession this Christmas and they will not think to confess these attachments as sin! You see, they get seduced by Satan into believing that they are ok but yet deep in their hearts they will never have peace!

Mother Theresa once said

“what you can’t give away owns you”.

And so as we prepare for Christmas why not sit down and humbly ask Jesus what it is in our lives that blocks Him from being more alive in us.

The greatest gift we can give Jesus this Christmas is extra space in our hearts and so dear friends, as we empty our wallets let’s not forget the real meaning of Christmas and let’s empty our hearts too!