Christmas is coming and many of you are entering the Holy war! By that I mean the war with your families who often see saying grace before meals as excessive not to mention spending hours in prayer!

Many priests too do not appreciate the true power of prayer. Hence the churches are closed during the day and they are busied by Satan doing all sorts of activities that an ordinary lay peron could do!

As a result, anybody called by Jesus to a more radical prayer life will face much persecution from both family and Church and times like Christmas are times when the battle increases.

Two years ago in Spain a priest told me that I prayed too much. I had suffered a lot that day as Jesus had been showing me souls in purgatory needing prayer. I spoke about it to the priest who told me “not to give a damn about these souls and that it was my imagination” and to get a job!

I was very upset. After 10 years following Jesus I know what is my imagination and what is not!

Yet Jesus allowed this to show me that this priest didn’t give a damn about souls in purgatory or gay people and was full of pride!

Christmas time is a time when many souls in purgatory get released and this angers Satan so much. Sadly Satan often uses your own family and even priests againt you as he gets so angry with your prayers!

Last year I was helping a lazy priest who had almost stopped praying. It was like helping a fat person to get fit. He was moaning and groaning and eventually Satan got the better of him and he gave up! He was expecting prayer to be easy and wasn’t prepared for the cross!

Prayer is demanding! In Medjurorje Our Lady calls people to a lot of prayer and fasting.

If you want to become a good swimmer you must swim too much! If you want to become a good singer you must sing too much and yes, if you want to become a good prayer, you must pray too much!

Many nowadays base spiritual direction on psychologists or psychiatrists opinions. This is a grave mistake as these people have no training in spiritual matters and if they were humble would recognise that!

Never before has prayer been more necessary in the world!

If people tell you that you pray too much and that you are psychologically imbalanced, let me congratulate you and thank you on behalf of Jesus!

These people clearly don’t pray enough or value the importance of prayer and your calling and are spirirually imbalanced!

All the saints were considered crazy and riduculed for their prayer lives!

And so dear prayer friends, prayer is gold, intercession is gold and so if someone tells you this Christmas that you pray too much simply smile and tell them that you wouldn’t have to if they prayed more!!