When we go to the doctor and he or she says that if we continue to eat badly that there will be consequence, we thank him!

But when someone says that there will be consequences for praying badly or for refusing to do God’s will, do we say thank you?

The reality is that it is the same God who made the spiritual laws as the physical laws and just as eating well is good for our bodies, praying and following God’s will is good for our souls!

More than once I’ve been accused of manipulating people as I help them to grow in prayer. People simply do not like to be challenged and somehow think that God is all kisses and cuddles!

The real God challenges us greatly. I know a guy in Australia that lives on providence and moves around the world despite having a wife and 5 young kids!

Many say that God would never ask them to do such and such because they are married or have kids and we can understand this way of thinking!

Yet God waits, He waits for willing souls who are willing to give more.

Every time we say the “Our Father” we say “thy will be done”. Do we really mean it?

Disobeying God’s will brings consequences. Our Lady has always taught this from Lourdes to Fatima to Medjugorje.

Some find this hard to accept. A God that punishes you unless He gets what He wants but the reality is the opposite.

When you refuse God you accept Satan and the mystery of free will kicks into place and Satan is only too happy to start wars and bring on every sort of illness in your life!

And what makes it even harder is that God stretches us. His will for our lives is often far beyond what we consider to be reasonable.

Many fool themselves into thinking they are doing God’s will because it sounds reasonable! However if we look at the word “reasonable” we can see that it is made up of two words: “reason” and “able”.

In other words what I am able to do with my reason!

The bad news for us all is that God has more trust and belief in us than we do!!

God believes that you can do big things when you think you can only do small things!

God believes you are able when you believe that you are not!

And so many of you are refusing to do God’s will not because you don’t want to do it but because you don’t think that you are able or because you dismiss His inspirations as being the devil or your imagination!

And so folks, let us look to the saints for inspiration who believed so much in God’s power that they did not allow their weakness to get in the way!

A short video clip! I like to think that this little child is you and I and that the mother is Our Lady!

Love you all