Well friends it’s that time of year again!

Just like 2000 years ago there is a lot of hustle and bustle! It’s Christmas eve and Mary and Joseph are knocking on doors!

They try one door… too busy shopping….

they move to the next….

Hungover after the Christmas party

they move to the next….

Atheists, don’t believe in Jesus

they move to the next….

Too busy cooking

they move to the next….

Too busy with family

they move to the next….

Too busy preparing Christmas Liturgies

they move to the next….

…a poor simple manger, maybe a broken homeless, a poor widow, a rejected gay or a lady in prison, a humble priest, a simple farmer

in the middle of their pain and shame they make a space for Jesus, they welcome him into the manger of their heart, far from perfect for a King….but it’s all they have got!

Jesus smiles, He finds rest in the warmth of their love. He does not look for luxury, He rests His weary head.

Christmas is a time we give gifts. How about we give Jesus a gift; the gift of our time and our love.

Let’s not leave Jesus out in the cold this Christmas, visit Him today in the silence of our hearts where we can console Him and wipe His tears as He waits and weeps for all those who don’t know Him!

Bless you all

Love, prayers, peace and joy this Christmas