Happy Christmas to you all!

Christmas day has arrived and all our problems have disappeared! Our marriages have been restored, our families have been reconciled, our illnesses have been healed and our dead have come back to life!

All is wonderful and we will all live happily ever after!!


Or…take 2

We wake up lonely, sad, disappointed , longing for happiness only to find the cross! Our marriages are still a mess, our families a war zone, our illnesses are getting worse and a longing pain in our hearts for our dead!

Christmas is a time that seems to stir the pot of pain in our lives. It is no surprise that many commit suicide during this period.

I have always found this time of the year hard! I had my first breakdown over 10 years ago at Christmas time. I lay in bed Christmas day and could have died a few days after as my car swerved out of control on the main road to Galway.

This Christmas I am in Croatia. I have been blessed to spend Christmas in many different countries including Ireland, France, India, Australia, Hertzogovena and now Croatia!

I’ve eaten different foods from Turkey in Ireland to fish curry in India to bbq in Australia and have met many wonderful people with their stories of pain and brokeness too.

Maybe our challenge this Christmas is to look out for eachother, to be gentle with ourselves and with others and to spend a little time with Jesus in prayer even if all we do is pour out out broken hearts to Him!

After all, that’s why He came in the first place!

So happy Christmas to you all, happy birthday to Jesus and may He heal and console those areas of our hearts where we feel alone and broken.