Lauren Daigle is a beautiful example of a top class singer not afraid to sing of her love for God.

This song is very powerful. It starts off with the words

“you are not hidden”

and goes onto say that God will “send out an army” to rescue you.

Before listening it is worth casting our minds back to the dad that dug his son out of the rubble of an earthquake after it happened.

At times life’s problems are our earthquakes and we are buried alive. Illnesses, depression, misunderstandings, broken families, additions can bury us alive. We are like the little helpless child and we are wondering if there is anybody coming to get us? Does God hear us? Is he doing anything? Why?

What we don’t know is that God has sent out an ARMY to help us and the army is fighting so hard on the other side!

Yesterday morning I felt a bit like the buried kid myself but at this stage I trust enough in God not to believe the voices inside that try to tell me that there is no hope!

The result indeed was an army from God to help me!

A priest after mass at the hospital kindly gave me 200 kuna (about 30 euro) and when I got home I found a note on my door from our parish priest who invited me for some food and Christmas banter!

Afterwards I returned home to find a turkey cooked and my good friends gathered around the table. Seamus was home from hospital and a special friend Irena came to be with us!

In the evening as I lay in bed I became aware of many angels around me and a supernatural protection all around me and it brought me to tears. After all, who am I to deserve such extraordinary privileges from God?

And so dear friends, the lesson is simple for us all! TRUST!

God sent out an army for me in my life after disaster struck and He has sent out an army for YOU too.

You are not hidden to God, your prayers are not falling on deaf ears. Keep on trusting, keep on believing for sooner or later the army is going to rescue you!

Enjoy this song and keep hoping even in the darkness for both yourself and those disaster cases that you are praying for !

Love you all