I’m not sure that as Justin Bieber was singing “Let me love you ” that he was singing about Jesus! Nonetheless we can learn something from the words!

This morning I felt sad for a beautiful friend of mine in Ireland. Rejected and left alone by her family for Christmas I could feel her pain and despair!

At times we feel like giving up and yet when this happens Jesus is there all the more!

This year Jesus asked me not to contact anyone in Ireland till after Christmas as a sacrifice of solidarity with the abandoned and the rejected.

At times I noticed in myself and indeed in others these areas of my heart longing for approval from family and longing to belong.

But the reality is that while these feelings are normal and human, they are not very spiritual!

As we grow older families change, we change, our siblings change, our parents change and so it’s delusional to think that somehow we’d all sit around the table like the perfect family!

Growing spiritually is the transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly and the letting go!

We learn to thank God for our origins and families and at the same time we grow a pair of wings and fly away!

God stretches us and He brings us to seek HIM and HIS love and approval above all. He gives us a mission or vocation in life that may have us live in distant lands far from where we grew up!

He gives us new purpose, new strength and new responsibilities.

Some days we moan and groan. The world sees an easier place for people who never grow up! We wonder why God is being so cruel to us while others who don’t say a single prayer seem to be in great form!

But these poor creatures are like birds who have never learnt to fly. They live on the ground and have all the things of this world such as money and cars but their spirits are empty and their souls dead!

And so to my dear friend in Ireland and to anyone else struggling Jesus says

“don’t you give up now, let me love you”

Have a great day!