Good afternoon all!

Last night I was out at a karaoke night. There were a fee excellent acts and one or two not so excellent!

It got me thinking of the music and film industries and how they influence people.

Firstly I must thank God and my mum. For some reason I never had any interest in music or cinema. In my entire life before meeting God I can only recall buying one CD.

Similarly with sport and film. I had no interest whatsoever and could never understand how others could get almost hypnotized by the idea of going to a film or a concert not to mention sports!

Just recently I read something about Stalin and comments he reportedly made on how to control an entire population. He said that if he could control the American motion picture (film and music industry) and at the same time get people so interested in sport and make them indifferent to other issues that he could do it!

When I go to mass and when I look around, there is a generation missing! Yet when I go to a coffee shop with funky music or a sports game, cinema or concert, there they are!

If I speak to most people my age and younger of my life, it’s like speaking to ape’s at the zoo. They are so hypnotized by the culture of pop and success that it’s almost impossible to have a conversation with them.

Arrogantly they laugh at the idea of God and demons, the demons that I may add that I see on them manipulating them and inspiring their ideas like puppets!

And if I’m honest I was like this when I was a child and often mocked my mum for her beliefs!


Well Stalin seems to be right! If you grow up from the earliest of ages watching movies and listening to pop music then the godless world of sex, drugs and money become not only normal but a source of inspiration!

Coupled with Bishops and priests who have joined Stalin’s point of view selling out Jesus with modernism and thus the utter absence worldwide of powerful preachers and teachers the younger generation have literally been hypnotized by Satan under our very noses!!

And what’s worse, what do most people do about it! A casual “that’s a pity” and life goes on!

Will Jesus be so easily mocked by His own Church?

What will we say to Him on judgement day.

Is it no wonder Our Lady is asking us to pray for our pastors, that they may wake up and smell the roses!

As food for thought I’ll leave you with this video from Britney Spears, pop-princess and inspirational idol for so many of your kids who as Stalin predicated have indeed become brainwashed and stupified despite their university degrees and big egos while organisations such as the illuminati take off where Stalin left to build the “New World Order” right under our very noses in our own homes using the TV’s and other media devices that we have paid for with our hard earned money!

How Satan must laugh at our utter stupidity and how Jesus must weep as His cries for prayer fall on so many deaf ears!

Lord have mercy!