Hello people!

Strange Title right! Last night I was reflecting on life and the differences between stupid people and intelligent people!

Of course the first question to ask is; what is a stupid person?!

Western society will tell you that a stupid person is the boy or girl no good in school a bit like this little boy here with geeky glasses who is looking for his mammy!!

The intelligent kid gets great results in school and will probably grow up to be a doctor or an accountant or something ‘intelligent’!

After some years he will have stylish clothes and yet the study nerd is still in there somewhat.

I just happened to bump into one such guy this morning at the coffee shop!

Now joking aside I was the smart kid on school! Nobody feels sorry for the smart kid but here are some of the trials of being academically gifted!

– Expectation. You are always expected to get 100%. Everything else is short of your ‘ability and a sort of failure!

– Pressure. You are put under pressure to become a doctor or something just because “brains like yours shouldn’t be wasted”.

– Bullying. Other kids get jealous. You get mocked and teased.

As a smart kid I also thought that I had no right to God’s mercy. He had given me brains and I didn’t qualify for anything else!

The stupid kids qualified, they needed it, and that brings me to the worst disease of all among intelligent people, pride!

So called smart people are often trained by society to become cold heartless pigs with no real love or care for others!

Many of them are very well trained and have first class honours in ‘pig school ‘!

So how does Jesus see these people?

Jesus sees these people as victims! Victims of their own intelligence and of society!

He cries as He sees their stupidity. They have become stupid with intelligence and society has flattered them into believing in it!

Many are emotionally empty and despite all sorts of positive thinking and new age mind motivating techniques are still miserable! They have no lasting peace and what’s worse, they have trained themselves not to look or believe in such things!

And so the Bible says very clearly they what is ‘wise to God is foolishness to men’!

It takes intelligence to recognise that you are a fool and that you always will be because no matter what you accomplish if you cast your eyes to the omniscient creator, you will humbly smile and recognise that you know nothing!

So, the good news today is that if you are intelligent, God has lots of mercy on you because He knows the truth and that is that you are a fool, but His beloved fool and so He wants to help you!

Have a great day fellow fools for Christ!