Good morning from Medjugorje and wishing you all a happy new year or as the locals say in Croatian a ‘sretna nova godina’.

We arrived in Medjugorje yesterday and the place is very busy.

This time I had a real joy coming! Gospa calls me and nothing else matters!

Upon arrival yesterday I heard Our Lady telling me that she was both happy and sad!

Happy that there are so many people here to pray and yet sad that so many young people all over the world do not know Jesus.

I feel very happy to be here to pray and console her and to allow her to use my life to bring people to Jesus!

Just like the Holy Spirit asked her of many difficult things and just as she had very exceptional blessings, so too did she have exceptional sufferings.

This new year I see her pleading for our ‘yes’ so that she may work through us even more.

She has nobody else but you and me and the youth of today are thirsting for Jesus, they just haven’t met Him yet!

Only through me and you will they meet him!

As a small testimony of encouragement to all I will share about the charismatic community of which I’m a member in Split, the community of David!

We do not have very many young people, actually maybe I’m the youngest but we have a quite a few retired people, especially mothers!

When I shared my testimony at this little community before I knew them every one of them hugged me. Some had never heard of a Catholic gay before and they could have judged me severely but they didn’t!

In fact the opposite, they have been super generous to myself, Seamus and now Toni and if you think about it we are quite an original group! When they call to our apartment we only feel love and acceptance and even Toni who is transgender has only been loved by those who have met him!

One lady brings us shopping at Lidl and pays the entire bill without flinching, another makes us food and brings it to the house, others invite us for coffee and help us financially when they can!

And yet, the most important thing that they have given us is something else! They gave their hearts by building friendships with us through spending time and getting to know us!

Thanks to their help Toni is healing rapidly and so are we all!

These simple people, mostly retired ladies, are useless in the eyes of the world and yet Our Lady is using them so powerfully to bring us healing and hope!

So this new year, no matter what age you are or what your circumstances, God cam still use you through your prayers and heart and you too can become a consoler of Our Lady as she thirsts to reunite the youth with her son!

A special thank you to all the community of David and especially those of you who love and support us so much!

Prayers promised to you all from Medjugorje!

Wishing you every blessing this year