Good afternoon from Medjugorje where Our Lady appeared once again to Marjana Soldo.

One might expect that Gospa may have started this message with the words “Happy New year my little children, you are all wonderful”.

But no, she starts on a very sad and sombre note.

” Unfortunately among you my children there is so much striving, hatred, self-interest, selfishness”.

Bearing in mind that she is speaking to us all, this is quite shocking.

It seems that Our Lady sees past the thousands of pilgrims who come here with rosaries and who climb the mountains and sees right into their hearts where she sees such self-interest and selfishness!

It is true that few come to Medjugorje with a heart to seek God’s will. Many come here to bargain with God like a young english man I met last year who climbed the large mountain barefoot to get his girlfriend back! There was no talk of God’s will and this sort of attitude when we speak of prayer is what Gospa means by self-interest!

Gospa continues her message by acknowledging that not all are bad and that some do come with humble hearts, willing to suffer and to do God’s will. She calls these ones the ‘ apostles of my love ‘.

And yet to these she goes onto correct. She says that her son does not just ask for prayers but also for deeds.

How much at times I have reflected on these words when hundreds of people were praying for me and yet so few had the generosity to help me financially!

‘God will provide they’d say’ and leave me to starve as they did not want to be part of God’s provision!

And so this New Year begins with a big wake-up call from Our Lady who is calling us to more, more prayer, more love, more deeds, more humility!

The message of the Gospel and of the Gospa are not easy.

And so, as you begin this new year are you prepared to give Jesus your self-interest and selfishness and surrender your life to Him completely so that your prayers and deeds are animated by love and charity?

And so I finish by saying thank you to Gospa.

Thank you for telling us the truth rather than flattering our pride.

Thank you for your honesty.

Please show us in our hearts where it is where we are selfish and prideful and where we are not doing your will so that we may bring these things to Jesus and become true ‘apostles of my love’.

Wishing you a Holy 2019 full of spiritual transformation and growth.