Hey Guys!

I’m back in Split after a few days in Medjugorje. I am very grateful to Gospa for calling us there and for continuing to fill me with heaven!

It is about a year since I left Medjugorje and that is a blog of its own!

But today I am very happy to tell you all of our new project for the nrw year!

Since arriving in Split, one local girl who is also part of the David community got to know us more than anybody else. She has a thirst for God and has many gifts of the Holy Spirit such as healing and prophetic dance which you don’t see too much!

Irena became a friend, a sister and many times she wiped my tears as I cried at the coldness of heart of so many of the Croatian people.

Yet Jesus put her there to help us and support us and since coming here she has given us everything.

She has been a glowing testimony of love, of giving and giving and giving and Jesus has used her to bridge the gap of cultures, ages, specialities and be a living witness to the simplicity of God’s message to ‘love your neighbour ‘!

Irena has also become great friends with Toni who like all of us needs friends, support and acceptance so that he can heal. As Gospa said yesterday, we must do more than pray, we must also show love on deeds!

And so over the last few months we have discerned God’s calling to growing our little family and to finding a new larger apartment where all 4 of us may live and pray together and be an example of the love and mercy of Jesus to all people whether straight or gay or male or female!

As we continue to live on providence and reach out into the darkness we are asking now more than ever for your prayers and any financial support that you provide.

In return we will of course continue to keep you posted with updates such as Toni’s progress (read his cool Christmas testimony:https://michael4jesus.wordpress.com/2019/01/03/tonis-christmas/) and we will pray for you and your families!

Thank you Jesus for Irena and her enormous heart. May you make her a beaming light of love in action to Croatia and to the world!

Thank you all for reasing !