For those of you who know nothing about Medjugorje and even less about the 5 stones, let me bring you up to speed.

Our Lady, the mother of Jesus, has been appearing in Medjugorje for over 30 years and giving messages about the world and how to grow spiritually into a saint!

The concept of the 5 stones is not a geography lesson but a reference to the old testament when a little Shepard boy called David defeated a dangerous giant called Golliath using a stone and a slingshot when trained warriors failed one after the other to kill him!

So when Our Lady speaks of the ‘5 stones’ she is giving us 5 simple pieces of ammunition that we can use in our lives and the world to slay the Golliaths’ of our lives and time!

So without further ado here they are

1 Prayer

2 Fasting

3 Eucharist

4 Confession

5 Bible reading

Sounds simple right?!

A few points to note:

– No mention of being a priest or a nun, this path is open to all!

– No mention of advanced studies in metaphysics and a masters in divinity, this path is simple!

So let’s take a quick look at each:

1. Prayer

There is prayer and there is prayer and after her last message in Medjugorje it is clear that Our Lady has no interest in thousands of Italians babbling rosaries at her pretending to be holy!

Our Lady is looking for prayer from the heart with feelings and when we pray the rosary she likes us to do it slowly and think about the mysteries.

When we pray in this way, God’s grace and ideas form our lives and shape our ideas and God can act through us!

Although it sounds simple, it takes more time and sadly few are willing to invest this time in prayer.

They will a always have excuses but it boils down to their priorities being all wrong and them failing to reorder their lives and cut out unnecessary things and make sacrifices to have this time!

2. Fasting

While fasting can come in many forms the type Our Lady recommends is a bread and water fast twice per week.

Fasting is not easy and it brings us back to basics and a solidarity with those who have nothing. It also develops our will and our ability to say no to something good.

If Eve knew about fasting she may have more easily said ‘no’ to her afternoon snack that nearly killed us all in the Garden of Eden!!

As temptations are everywhere from pornography to sex in today’s word, having a strong will has never been more vital and fasting is one of the ways we get it!

Afterwards it depends on your physical health if you are actually called to a bread and water fast.

3. Eucharist

When received with love the Eucharist is rocket fuel for your soul and will accelerate you into the supernatural like nothing else!

Yet I emphasise with love. Receiving the Eucharist with no love is a waste of time and will only damage your soul and set you back!

The best way to receive the Eucharist with love is to pray daily, to seek and to do God’s will in your life and to read about the Eucharist and allow the mystery to hit your heart!

If we truly loved the Eucharist we wouldn’t be so selfish, lukewarm and heartless when it comes to reaching out to the broken of the broken.

4. Bible Reading

There is gold in the Bible and especially in the new testament. The more we read the Bible the more we learn about Jesus and the ways of God!

Before I read the Bible I thought that Christianity was for wimps and that Jesus was your regular nice guy next door!

Only as I read the Bible I learnt that christianity was for real men and that Jesus was the bravest, most courageous, politically incorrect, bold, fearless, strong man that ever lived!

I fell in love with ‘bold Jesus’ (you may have guessed)!

We hear Bible readings every day at mass, let’s listen! It is a guide!

5. Confession

Our Lady recommends going to confession monthly. Some may wonder why so often but if you think of how often you wash your car or vacuum your house and clean your clothes you will see that Our Lady is letting us off lightly!

Confession is a moment to cleanse our souls!

Just find a good priest! After confession in Medjugorje last weekend the priest asked me if I was going to get married! I wondered if he listened to a word I said! Nonetheless I got God’s forgiveness and I left his opinions in the thrash!

And so there you go! The 5 stones of Medjugorje and the secret to getting to heaven!

A little video to motivate you!

God bless