Who am I is one of the questions everybody asks and while it seems a simple question, the response isn’t.

On one hand we are who we are. I am the same Michael now as I was 5 years ago and as I was as a baby and so are you!

Yet I have changed and so have you!

Our fashion can change, our bodies change, our attitudes and beliefs can change and yet somewhere deeper down, we are still us!

At times people put on masks to show others that they are who they are not!

Society puts terrible pressure on people to be a certain way and many people feel so insecure that they lie because they don’t feel strong enough to be themselves.

People lie about their families, people lie about their jobs and kids, people lie about their health all to be accepted!

However, the lies always get exposed and only more misery follows!

Last night I watched a film about a young guy coming out as gay. He was full of fear and shame of friends and family.

Even when he did come out, some were angry at him for hiding it while others didnt know what to say.

Every one of us wears a mask. We are afraid to take it off, we hate it and yet it has become our safe place.

When we take our masks off we feel vulnerable and weak. We can feel terrible failure and even a sense of death.

Some even have thoughts of suicide as thet struggle to handle who they really are. I was one of those ones.

However, the good news is that while we may not know fully who we are and may be struggling with our identity, there is a God, a loving Fathet who already knows us.

Our heavenly Father knows our every part. He knows all our feelings and insecurities, He knows all our fears and anxieties, He knows all our masks and lies and most of all He knows the yearning or our hearts for Him!

So no matter who you are today and even if you don’t know! God, your Father says

“I love you, it’s still me”

Heavenly Father, help me accept myself and accept your love and your help even if I feel that I don’t deserve it. Show me who you made me to be and free me from all the false beliefs and masks that I have made for myself. Take my hand and set me free!

Have a great week