Decisions, decisions, decisions! Life is made up of so many decisions and they are both the source of so much joy and so much unhappiness!

From buying a car to getting a new haircut to changing ones job to getting married…..we are always faced with the same problem!

How do I know that I am making the correct decision?!

And into this doubt so often comes confusion, worry, fear, anxiety and we can lose our peace!

And this is why in the Bible Jesus teaches us to “let out yes be yes and our no be no” so that we may have peace of mind!

When I moved to France when I was 23 I remember ordering a tea in a café. In Ireland when I grew up, there was no such thing as flavoured teas. If you ordered a tea then automatically you were given a black tea!

So you can imagine my surprise when the waiter came down to my table with a box of teas! There was strawberry tea and chocolate tea, there was blueberry and raspberry….in fact I saw every possible tea except what I wanted!

I ended up ordering a vanilla tea and it was disgusting! Later I asked a friend and discovered that I should have ordered a black tea or ‘un thé noir’.

But my point is very simple. Sometimes life puts too many choices in front of us and we get confused and end up making a bad decision.

So what’s the answer?

God in His mercy has given us a mother. A supernatural mother who sees far further ahead and who knows what is good for us.

Her name is Mary and though she may not speak to you directly (and then again she might) if you ask her for help she will guide you!

She will make sure that you make the right decisions! You will ‘accidentally’ bump into the right people, you will “just happen” to pick up the right book, you will get insights and inspirations that you hadn’t’ considered before and most of all you will get a gift of peace!

And so today, mother Mary invites you to ask her for her help, to allow her to lead and guide your decisions so that you may be sure of doing the right things!

Mother Mary, I invite you today to help me in my decisions. Remove fear and doubt and give me clarity and peace.

Where I have made bad decisions and don’t know how to undo the mess, I bring this to you as well!

Help me to love you and trust you and fill me with the supernatural peace of being your little child in 2019!