Good morning world! You may be wondering what got into me to write such a title but stay with me!

As you all know I am a big fan of John Paul II and ‘theology of the body’ which describes wonderfully our human condition.

Christopher West wrote a summarised version and West very cleverly wrote that sexuality must be so important and that is why Satan targets it so aggressively.

Of course we can’t blame Satan and demons for everything, this would be a heresy, however they do have a large part to play!

Saint Paul speaks of the battle between the spirit and the flesh! In other words do we seek a spiritual consolation or a quick fix?!

The reality boils down to how we have been trained to use our minds!

Saint James speaks of “taking our thoughts captive” which in simple language means being aware of what we are thinking of and more especially what we are imagining!

And in a society where much of our thinking is done for us in media we must also become aware of what we watch, what books we read and what people we hang about with!

Sadly in today’s society many young people are already addicted to sex and porn before their minds are really mature enough to know what they are doing. They are victims to society and from so many unwanted pregnancies comes the abortion industry!

Yet at the heart of it all is something far more precious, love. People of all ages are looking for love and intimacy and sex seems to be the only way they know how!

And yet, behind the scenes is a personal God who loves us and who desires to pour put His spirit on us!

He desires to seduce us away from the TV and computer and draw us into prayer!

In prayer He desires to fill us with Him, with His love.

He desires to lift our thoughts from the emptiness of worldly pursuits and into a true knowledge of who we are and of our dignity.

So whoever you are today, know that there is a terrible battle going on for your mind and what you choose to fill it with!

Satan is in one corner fighting to keep you busy at work and entertainment and godless thinking while God is in the other corner trying to free you and give you His love!

It is not an easy journey and we may fall 1000 times, but the important thing is to get back up again and do our best.

So folks, I won’t be winning any popularity contests by talking about purity in today’s world but as you might have guessed, I don’t care!

Today let’s be men and women of God. Let’s have the courage to be ourselves and to be proud and unapologetic about our faith and our Christian calling to sainthood.


Satan, get out of our way! We are children of God and you are not!