Hi there!

This morning many of you are sad! You feel undervalued, misunderstood and unappreciated!

You are waiting for that phonecall that says “I love you and I am behind you”. You have been waiting for years as if to be let out of prison by another’s words!

But helas, that call will probably never come and what are you going to do? Spend another 10 years waiting?

I was that person. For years I waited for my Dad to somehow understand me. As a child we didn’t’t get on, I thought that after having a breakdown that he may soften, the opposite happened, he got even harder!

I blamed myself that he could never pick up the phone to me, I blamed myself that he could not encourage my prayer life, I blamed myself that he could not talk to me about my sexuality!

You see, from the youngest of ages I was trained to blame myself!

At this stage I thank God who is my father and I am free of needing my earthly dad’s approval which I’ll never get!

Sadly he is a very stubborn old-fashioned man who has been hardened by life and hasn’t’ the emotional maturity to turn to God and seek healing!

Like many of your dad’s, he is a victim too of his time where being a man and being hard went together!

But the sign of a real man isn’t about muscles or hardness, the sign of being a real man is by being able to go one’s knees before God and acknowledge o e’s nothingness.

The sign of a real man is being able to be honest with yourself. To acknowledge one’s faults, to face one’s weaknesses, to say sorry, to grow, to be vulnerable and childlike and simple!

Today you have a Father in heaven who loves you. He is not disappointed in you, He is not too busy to talk to you, He is not ashamed to talk to you about your struggles, He is not hiding you away from His friends!

And so dear friends, love your parents of course, but do not live for their approval because you don’t need it and secondly you’ll probably never get it!

And on a final thought, if you are a dad out there, don’t be like mine who hardened his heart and rejected me when I needed him the most. Do your best to be warm and understanding and give your kids what they yearn for the most, your time and heart!

Have a great day!