One of the most funny part of bringing people to Jesus is listening to how they describe things!

Toni our young friend for whom you have been praying and helping us recently described his experience in the psych ward!

“I took 11 tablets every day but none of them loved me”!

It got me thinking of the greatest ‘tablet’ of all, the Holy Eucharist, a spiritual medication that loves us!

Like many of you, at times I have almost crawled to mass I felt so bad and after receiving Jesus my soul was strengthened from within with love!

In 5 months Toni did a lot of psychotherapy to get to know himself! Yet nobody told him who he was in God’s eyes!

A psychotherapy that excludes God isn’t’ really a psychotherapy! It can of course give invaluable insights into how we are but fails to address who we are?

And without speaking of the power of Jesus to heal the wounds of life, one really wonders how fulfilling the job of a psychotherapist can really be. Certainly not my calling!

Now don’t get me wrong, psychology and brain science come from God too, just why do they have to exclude God and the spiritual dimension of ‘mental illness’!

I was also surprised to learn that Toni managed to spend 5 months in a psych ward and smoke weed every day! No comment!

Since coming to stay with us he has cut down dramatically and yesterday he had his first day without weed!

He has been prescribed a new medication of the daily eucharist and regular confession and with some good spiritual books and good friends he is coming on in leaps and bounds and despite a few meltdowns he is even surprising himself!

Toni is learning that he is not a psychiatric patient, that he is not a doctor’s diagnosis, that he is not doomed to a life on earth without healing or purpose!

He is learning that he is a wounded child of God, misunderstood by society, infinitely loved by Jesus!

Toni is learning that Jesus can heal him over time with prayer and perseverance and that his life is meaningful and important to God who has a plan for him!

And I too am learning. I don’t need to be perfect to help Toni, I don’t need a university degree! All I need is to trust in Jesus and show him the way that Jesus showed me!

Sure some of you will hate me and think I don’t know what I’m doing, others will say I’m acting out of pride and that I’m not qualified! Others will even say it’s dangerous!

But to you I ask, where were you when I nearly died? Why did none of you tell me about Jesus? Why did you laugh at me and mock me when Jesus entered my life directly?

And to all those people who are helping us, thank you from the heart for your help, support, emcouragement, prayer, friendship and financial aid.

Thank you Jesus for your love and your power to heal through love the lost causes!

Now I’m off to take my medication, the tablet of love at holy mass!

Love you all and thank you for reading!