When I first got converted I didn’t know who or what to believe!!

On one side I read books from the saints where each one pretty much said the same thing, God needs our prayers and offering of life’s sufferings to save the world!

On the other side I read how theologians wrote that God is infinitely happy in heaven and has no need of anything!

The saints said that God was suffering and longing for us, the theologians said that God couldn’t suffer as He is God and that He was having a great time in heaven!

One gave the image of a loving father, the other of an indifferent king!!

So which is it? Does God need me and you to save the world!

Well the answer is very simple!


But hold on a second! God needs us not because He can’t do it Himself! He needs us because He has chosen to need us!

It is true that God could do what He wants! It is humbling that He has chosen to use us and our prayers!

When Our Lady appears in Medjugorje, she is always asking for our prayers!

She needs them in order to be able to bring graces of healing and conversion to others!

To better understand all this we could look at the mystics, the suffering souls like Padre Pio who were chosen by God in an exceptional way to participate in the salvation of the world!

So whatever your circumstances today, maybe unemployed, maybe a hidden housewife, maybe lying in hospital……the good news is that God needs you!

Offer your day to Him, offer your pain to Him, offer your suffering to Him and you will soon learn that your seemingly insignificant and meaningless life can take on a heavenly meaning making you more important in God’s eyes than an international business man!

So yes, God needs you today, God loves you today and though you may not be perfect, you are all He has got!

Love u guys!