Last night we had a teaching from our priest on healing. While I didn’t understand much of the Croatian, he very kindly summarised it at the end!

Fortunately we share the same perspective on healing; that healing starts with the spirit and then extends out onto mind and body.

Afterwards it made me laugh!

You see many people see healing only as the mind or body!

Many psychiatrists and other mental health professionals see no place for God or spirituality in their patients!

So in their eyes a total atheist sleeping with a different woman ever night while holding an important job is more healthy than a housewife who believes in Jesus and who prays every day and who struggles with negative thinking!

As you all know I think psychiatry is a joke anyway, just a pity the joke is on society!

But it wouldn’t be fair to target just psychiatrists (who by the way can be good too if they understand the spiritual). Many medical doctors are guilty of the same, treating symptoms and not roots!

Since meeting Jesus I have never had a cold or flu or taken a single antibiotic and I put down very cold winters in France and Australia!

Now many times I woke up with a sore throat and a bit of a cough!

“You should go to the doctor with that” they’d say!

And so off I’d go to the doctor in the tabernacle where there was no queue and no medical expenses!

Jesus would then tell me why I was sick! He’d show me who I was angry with, who I hadn’t forgiven and how the spiritual negativity brought on the physical symptoms!

I’d work through it and next day I’d be perfect! My friends didn’t like it, pride is a terrible thing and you’ll find oceans of it in church circles and ironically in healing circles! People don’t like to be wrong and certainly don’t like to admit that someone with no professional or theological education like me might be right!

God laughs at them and so do I! It is quite funny!

Anyway, going back to what I was saying, the sickest people in today’s society are the ones that look the healthiest in mind and in body but are spiritually dead!

They have big jobs and expensive lifestyles and yet their souls are sick!

And as Our Lady is always asking us to pray for the sick, maybe today take a look around your office or family and ask yourself the question if any of them are sick, sick in soul?

And for those of you who are sick, maybe you are far more healthy than you think! Offer some of your suffering for the healing of the ‘healthy’!

Jesus, heal our souls from the inside out and heal our very sick society where you are mocked and ignored!