A few years ago an Italian nun went on the TV show ‘the voice’! She went on to win it! Here is her opening performance:

Clearly anyone with a brain can see the light and joy of the Holy Spirit in her eyes and posture!

She went onto talk about the new evangelization and using secular songs to reach out to the world!

Satan has used sex to seduce people away from spirituality so why can’t God use spirituality to seduce people away from sex?!

After all, the thirst for love and intimacy is the same, just God desires to pour His Holy Spirit on us rather than Satan who wants us to be sex maniacs!

So she went on to record her first album taking Madonna’s ‘like a virgin”!

Now the virgin being ‘touched for the very first time’ was clearly written about sex and Madonna, while very famous is certainly not famous for her virginity!!

But if you listen to Sister Cristina’s song with your heart you will clearly discern that she is talking about being ‘touched for the very first time’ by the Holy Spirit!

There is a very fine line between sexuality and spirituality and Sister Cristina is walking it!

Now she has critics! This 15 minute video gave me a laugh:

Clearly not a fan of Sister Cristina or of the Holy Spirit she is accused in every way of being a fame seeking devil worshipper!

Some people take Satan too seriously and forget about God’s power! Saint Theresa of Avila referred to Satan as the ‘poor one’!

And of course Satan is not to be messed with, but if we have the Holy Spirit he isn’t to be feared either!

Her critics accused her of making occult gestures with her hands! The same people would accuse you of making yoga positions as you were using the toilet and calling on demons!

The Holy Spirit is fun, He knows well how to laugh and joke and imitate pop culture without promoting it!

The people that don’t understand this don’t get it because they do not go out to meet the broken of the broken in clubs and do nothing to bring healing and hope to the masses caught up in the culture of sex and drugs!

So I say “well done” to Sister Cristina and call those narrow minded people who judge her and people like her to opening their eyes and hearts to the young people all around us that are thirsting for the love of Jesus in a way that they can both relate to and understand !