Hi folks!

So last night we had a praise, worship and dance evening at home! The neighbours would be perfectly correct in thinking that we are totally crazy!

One of the songs we played was ‘rooftops’ and it got me thinking of shouting about Jesus from the rooftops!!

At times I’ve seen street preachers and while I’ve admired their courage, I’ve never done it myself!

However sometimes we can shout silently from the way we live our lives and opportunities to share just come!

A few weeks ago we had to change the gas and a man called. My friend Tonci was there to help. He told the guy my testimony to which he nodded his head in a nice way and said ‘faggots’!! I smiled, he meant no harm and it was his way of understanding! He went on to share about his own life and Tonci began teaching him about forgiveness and before we knew it we were both praying for him!

Similarly I was having my coffee this morning and I just happened to get talking to two young medical students. They were very interested and shared to me the pain of their gay friend who no longer goes to church! Afterwards I prayed for them all at mass and I’ll probably never know the fruit of that prayer!

But I guess my point is that we don’t need to be running around all the time screaming and roaring about Jesus! God will setup ‘divine appointments’ or ‘God incidences’ and when He does we can talk all about Him!

Afterwards we should always pray for the people and the rest is up to God!

So folks, let us stay encouraged and positive in the certainty that we are loved infinitely by the most wonderful and loving man in the universe, our brother Jesus and that our sharing and prayers and lives although imperfect are immeasurably important to Him who came to give light to the world and hope to the lost!

Have a super awesome day filled with holy joy