What a strange topic you may think!

Last night I heard a wonderful testimony about a group of young people in Zagreb who were attacked by local satanists!

The young people were on fire with the Holy Spirit and were doing so much good things that the local satanist got annoyed!!

Satan is like a sulky child and he doesn’t like to lose power. He’s like a greedy kid with 100 toys who always wants more and will never share!

So obviously the young people were upsetting him so he got his crew after them!

I didn’t understand all as my croatian is very poor but from what was translated I learnt that the young people found dead animals and other items that satanists use in their ‘prayers’ outside the church!

But what I admired is that the young people did not give into fear but kept praying and if I understood correctly some of the satanists converted to Jesus!

Praise God!

In Australia I lived with a woman with a particular ministry in satanic ritual abuse and she taught me quite a lot about it!

Maybe the most memorable story was Ann’s. Ann grew up in a good catholic family. Her parents were daily mass goers and the pillar of the church. People told her how blessed both her and her sister were!

But little did anyone know that her parents were the head of a satanic cult and their presence in the church was a mere facade. Satanists love to get their hands on the consecrated host and what better way to get it than to work in the church!

Secretly they were in charge of a paedophile ring and under the influence of drugs allowed fellow satanists to rape their children!

Ann was often brought to the sea where her dad would dip her head in the water and keep it there until she nearly drown. Fear, shock and trauma are one of the many techniques satanists use to place demons in kids.

When Ann grew up she told police. Her life was threatened and her parents have never been brought to justice as many people in very high positions such as judges, police chiefs, politicians are also satanists and so they know how to block the system and protect eachother!

Sadly there are even some priests and bishops involved in satanism and many were groomed from such a young age that they are not really to blame for their acts.

Ann needed years and years of prayer, deliverance, exorcisms, counselling and psychiatric help!

When she shared her testimony people were in shock. They didn’t know what to say so they said nothing. She felt rejected and ignored.

I lived next door to Ann, she was a beautiful person and so was her sister!

Today there are many people like Ann among us. They look normal on the outside but inside they carry overwhelming fear and shame.

Some of them will spend a lifetime in psychiatric wards, some of them will commit suicide and with our help, some of them will be healed!

So well done to you guys in Zagreb whoever you are!

May we all have the same courage and love to step out in faith and to help the broken of the broken trusting that greater is He that is in us (Jesus) than he that is in the world!

Have a great day