Hey guys! What a beautiful morning here in Split! All is good except our old washing machine that may need the last rites!!

As I was praying this morning the Holy Spirit gave me a word: ‘spiritual abortion’. I must admit not understanding it at the start so He went onto explain!

He said that many young girls fall pregnant today unexpectedly. Not that they are bad people but they often don’t want the baby!

“it’s not the right time”

“I’m not ready”

“If it were in 3 years time yes, but now no”

“I don’t know the father that well, I don’t want a child with him”

are just some of the reasons little babies are aborted!

Some courageous girls keep the babies and end up making enormous sacrifices and with the help of a supportive family, those babies see the light!

What has this got to do with “spiritual abortion”? You’ll see!

Sometimes the Holy Spirit converts someone and they are like a new born baby to the spiritual world! They have complicated stories, they knew nothing and often we don’t know their father either!

Sometimes Jesus brings them to us to be their new family and to love them and sometimes we abort them!

We use all the same reasons as the pregnant mother!

“We are not ready”

“We have enough children already”

“It’s not the right time”

And yet Jesus points us to Mary. She was not ready when she fell pregnant, Jesus wasn’t’t what we’d call today a planned pregnancy! Mary could have said no!

Recently Jesus introduced me to Toni whose story I shared. The poor thing was suicidal and was a “spiritual emergency”. Despite having almost no money myself I took him into my apartment where he has been for 3 months. He has a remarkable thirst for God and is like a hungry new born baby!

I could have said no and left him to the world of drugs and psychiatry but I knew that Jesus was asking me to help him!

Like the pregnant girl who decides to keep her baby I’ve faced all sorts of difficulties including constant criticism from people around me and a general lack of love and support!

However there are always a few people who help and help a lot and to you I am super grateful. Even my own mum and dad sent us some money this week to allow us to eat!

The joy of seeing Toni grow is far greater than the sacrifices that it has meant and his conversion is a gift from God to the church and world!

Many like Toni don’t make it as they get aborted by church communities who are ‘not ready’. They will even tell you that it is the Holy Spirit leading them just like the pregnant girl will claim that aborting her child was the right and responsible thing to do for both her and the baby!

And so you see, we are in a very great war and like any war it is bloody and nasty.

Today I urge you to be like Our Lady who said ‘yes’. Yes to falling pregnant at a very young age despite not knowing how she might afford it or where she might even live not to mention how she might tell Joseph!

Yet, in faith she stepped out and humbly and obediently said yes to God.

So let us open our hearts today to love, to doing the right thing even if it is not the easy thing. Let us ask God to forgive us for all the times we said no because we lacked faith and love and let the Holy Spirit inflame us with a love that surpasses understanding (Ephesians 3:19).

And if any more of you out there would like to help us in any way please contact me. We are short on food, money, clothes but are rich in love, Holy Spirit and prayer!

Love you all