Hi all!

I woke up today with a supernatural sense of joy, God is so good to me in my life and what a joy to be His little friend!

(thanx Sanella for the t-shirt…God loves u heaps)

Evangelization is a word we use to describe talking about the faith and bringing others to know Jesus!

Personally I never really liked the word and would not call myself an evangelist. I am Michael, I live my life and share my heart and it will bring some closer to God and turn others away!

Recently someone told me that if someone who didn’t know Jesus read my blog that they would want nothing to do with the Church! Another said that no saint ever spoke so negatively about the Church as I do and so my writing couldn’t be from the Holy Spirit!

The feedback made me laugh and cry! You see going up to anybody and saying ‘come follow Jesus and get crucified’ is not very appealing and yet it is the truth!!

As a kid I heard about Padre Pio and how he suffered so badly in the church. He too was accused of following the wrong spirit and the abuse he suffered from religious superiours was beyond belief!

John of the Cross wrote some of his most mystical writings from a dark prison cell where he was thrown in by his brothers!

Saint Therese of Avila, another great mystic was brought before the Spanish inquisition suspected of being a heretic!

Saint Bernadette was abused all her life by her religious superiors.

Saint Therese of the child Jesus was hated so much by her sisters in the convent that they’d put the trolly used to carry dead people outside her room when sick!

Joan of Arc was burnt for being a heretic!

Saint Francis died a sad man as he saw his brothers so easily abandon a life of poverty for one of gluttony!

Australia’s first official saint, Saint Mary McKillop was excommunicated by her bishop!

And let’s not forget that one of our most recent saints, John Paul II was despised by many in the church and you could go online and read why some accuse him of being the antichrist!

The list could go on. I have spent years reading the lives of the saints and mystics and I’ve yet to find one who didn’t suffer greatly in the church!!

The true test of authenticity was in the fact that despite all these sufferings and trials they persevered, they did not give up when sufferings came as many do!

And so I make absolutely no apology for my life testimony which highlights an area where the church which I love must grow!

I have been terribly treated in my life by many church people because of my sexuality, my spirituality and my personality!

My testimony and story do not make the church look so good and yet I can’t lie and make up another one!

But one thing is true, I have a burning love for Our Lord Jesus and His mother Mary and you could shoot me dead before I will give that up!

So today, let’s not get too caught up in ‘trying to be holy’ and let’s just ‘be holy’ an real!

Many of the saints were total and utter weirdos as we’d say today and not the pious little figures depicted by many of the statues!

So guys, love me or hate me, this is me and there will be no white flag above my door!!

I love you Jesus, Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit. You guys are the best and I thank you that you are now calling me to Holy Mass where you feed me with your very essence.

‘I don’t want want to close my eyes, I don’t want to fall asleep’