‘Are you sick? ‘ is how Fr Pat began his sermon.

It was a healing mass in Ireland and Fr Pat a wonderful healing priest with particular gifts in deliverance.

A few people put up their hands. Then he looked at us and said ‘come on lads, we are all sick”!

Fr Pat wasn’t talking of physical illness but of spiritual illness.

We live in a society where we have mercy on ‘sick’ people and hatred for ‘sinners’?

Satan’s plan is to seduce us into a false freedom where there is no such thing as sin, no such thing as right and wrong, no moral law, no absolute truth all in the name of freedom!

Yet if I got up today and told you all I was going to eat glass and jump off a 20 storey building because I want to be free of human limits on what I can eat and of gravity…..you’d tell me that I was crazy and that I was going to kill myself!

Yet spiritually, this is exactly what is happening. There is no sin, no right, no wrong, no God and so no consequences….

Abortion, unlimited sex, power, money, occult are some of the fruits of this free humanity where we have matured so much that we now see murder of a baby as an advancement in women’s freedom and sex as a recreational drug for all!

We have eliminated sin and are relishing our new freedom. Right?

I’m not sure. Suicide rates have never been higher, the amount of people on anti-depressive medication is avalanching! Heck, they are now giving it to their dogs and cats!

‘There is no mercy without sin’ is a slogan I saw at another retreat house in Ireland where Fr Brendan Walsh carried out very powerful healing masses.

Yet it’s true! For God to heal us we must admit to being sick. For God to help us we must admit to needing help!

And only with this attitude are we willing to listen to God as we would a medical doctor!

Recently a friend of mine living a life of ‘sexual freedom’ told me how happy he is and knows that God both accepts and loves him!

It is true that God accepts and loves everybody, including Satan himself. The more important question is do we accept and love God?

Do we accept that we are broken and that we need help to live a life pleasing to God?

Do we accept that the things pleasing to God include purity, charity, prayer….and that drugs, lust, sexual promiscuity have no place in God’s plan for us!

Now obviously it’s not easy and just like learning a foreign language, God does not expect perfection over night as it takes a lot of time and practice.

It is normal to get discouraged and to be tempted to give up and this is where we need prayer and support along the way.

As I look back on my own journey around the world I thank God especially for all the healing priests and masses that I attended!

From the Paletine Father’s in Thurles (county Tipperary, Ireland) to the Vincentian Father’s in Kerela India to the Missionsaries of God’s love in Australia to the ‘Foyers de Charité’ in France I have been truly blessed and amazingly healed!





Not to mention Medjugorje and the great priests and prayers here locally in Split where I am now!

And so the good news today is that we are all sick and that there is doctor with a cure!

His name is Jesus and He is kind, patient, understanding, full of compassion and love!

So let’s come on this journey of healing and allow our loving God to restore our health and joy so that we may become the beautiful people He made us to be!

Remember that no matter how sick you are, nothing is impossible to doctor Jesus, not even you!

And so let’s sing to sin and to Satan

‘so long, fairwell, auf wiedersehan, goodbye!’

and turn our hearts and minds to our loving God as we walk on the journey of life!