Jesus was born into the world 2000 years ago. As His mother and father desperately looked for a place to give birth, none could be found.

Little did people know that they shut the door on the mother of God and on their saviour!

Today Jesus is born in many hearts and many a time the door is shut on them too.

I experienced this myself first hand years ago when I was judged and mistreated by church people as Jesus was touching my life.

I didn’t really understand what was happening to me and when I went to so many places for help the doors were shut just like the doors were shut to Our Lady.

You see, Jesus often comes into your life in a way different from how you expect!

Jesus is in the homeless man, Jesus is in the guy suffering with depression, Jesus is in the young pregnant girl, Jesus is in the gay, Jesus is in the broken.

You see Jesus desires to be loved. If he came dressed in gold you’d all love Him but it’s the gold you’d love and so many times He dresses Himself in rags and brokenness and He gets kicked out.

However there are always a small few who recognise Him in the broken and see Him in the poor. These people open wide the doors of their hearts to Jesus and to the broken. They are like Veronica, wiping the tears of Jesus with a rag.

Since Jesus asked Seamus and I to help Toni, a beautiful young guy finding his way we have been like Mary and Joseph knocking on doors!

”Too busy”

“You guys aren’t following Holy Spirit”

“We do things our way”

“You expect too much”

Are some of the reasons the doors closed on us.

I’m not so sure that it’s too much to be the friend of a young guy recovering from a breakdown. An occasional message or a cup of coffee means more to these people than a hundred kuna.

And thankfully some people understood this and were so extremely generous while those in positions of authority stood by.

Jesus was also a leader. He led by example and He calls us all to do the same.

We are all leaders! Whether we are leaders of a family or at work or of dog kennel, we are all leaders.

Christian leaders are called to heroic sacrifices and will be given the grace to do so.

A few days ago we left the community where we were going. There were too many problems with leadership who were unable to welcome and help us as Jesus would have liked!

Last night Jesus guided us leaving this toxic environment which was setting poor Toni back and we are now a bit like Mary and Joseph on the run to Egypt!

Thank God we are in great spirits and we met a wonderful old man who is renting us a room. He smiled like a child as we told him we were missionaries and he hugged us all so heartily.

So on we go and of course many will say all sorts of evil things about us but hey!

That said, now more than ever we are asking people for financial and prayer support as we endeavour to be modern day witnesses to the power and reality of the Holy Spirit to restore and to give new life to broken souls cast aside by society and often cast aside too by church!

If you would like to help us please get in touch. We would be so grateful and any support is used for very basic things such as food and rent.

As for the David community. We forgive you and we pray that the next time Jesus comes to you disguised in the rags of brokenness that you may both see Him and love Him!

Have a great day friends!

Your brother in Jesus