As she has been doing now for years, Our Lady appeared yesterday morning in Medjugorje.

Here is what she had to say

“Dear children, the love and goodness of the Heavenly Father give revelations which make faith grow, for it to be interpreted, that it may bring peace, certainty and hope. In this way, I, too, my children—through the merciful love of the Heavenly Father—always, anew, am showing you the way to my Son, to eternal salvation. But, unfortunately, many of my children do not want to hear me; many of my children are of two minds. And I—I always, in time and beyond time, magnified the Lord for all that He has done in me and through me. My Son gives Himself to you and breaks the bread with you. He speaks the words of eternal life to you so that you may carry them to everyone. And you, my children, apostles of my love, what are you afraid of when my Son is with you? Offer your souls to Him so that He can be in them and that He can make you instruments of faith, instruments of love. My children, live the Gospel, live merciful love for your neighbors, and, above all, live love for the Heavenly Father. My children, you are not united by chance. The Heavenly Father does not unite anyone by chance. My Son speaks to your souls. I speak to your heart. As a mother I am saying to you: set out with me, love one another, give witness. Do not be afraid, with your example, to defend the truth—the Word of God which is eternal and never changes. My children, whoever acts in the light of merciful love and truth is always helped by Heaven and is not alone. Apostles of my love, may you always be recognized among all others by your hiddenness, love and radiance. I am with you. Thank you.”

We could break it up into a few points.

1. God gives revelations to help us grow. These are signs that the Holy Spirit gives us to help us and Our Lady is a big part of this as she is our mother.

2. Many people do not want to hear or follow Our Lady.

This sounds very harsh, yet it is Our Lady that said it so for once you can’t blame me!!

People are of “two minds” and are afraid to follow Our Lady and step out in faith.

Our Lady is clearly very distressed as she labours the point. We can almost feel her tears and how rejected she is by her own children.

3. “Live the gospel” and live our faith and love. “Give witness” and “do not be afraid, with your example, to defend the truth”.

Again a very strong call to more! To living our faith radically and to practicing what we preach.

4. May we be recognised among others by our hiddness, love and radiance!

Notice that she said to be recognised among others rather than loved by others!

So overall a very powerful message from Our Lady and a call to radically following Jesus.

It is worth remembering that when Our Lady appears in Medjugorje that her messages are going to a largely catholic audience!

Yes dear brothers and sisters, this message is for us, for me and you and reminds me of how mother Theresa replied to a young person who wanted to change the world!

“Start with me and you” she said.

May we humble ourselves in front of Our Lady and allow her to use us more to be a living witness of faith as she is pleading for. May we never get comfortable and arrogant and think that we are ok.

Our Lady, with your help we say yes and we are sorry for all the times that we said no.

Bless you all