Hi all!!

Well as you know I left Split a few days! Yes, we split from Split!

And now, here I am in the quiet mountainous region where my mother invited me!

I told her how much we were struggling and so she invited us home!

How nice it is to be surrounded by friendly faces, irish accents and hearing the sweet words “welcome home”!

Yes, I am home, here with my mother in Medjugorje!

I first heard of Medjugorje over 20 years ago. My uncle Thomas had been there on a trip. He came back telling us of these young girls who were seeing Our Lady and he gave us each a blessed rosary!

I think I prayed the rosary once or twice until the novelty wore off and then I mysteriously lost them!

20 years later I came to Medjugorje for the first time, it was summer and full of people and I found it too much!

Last year I spent 6 months here and still struggled with my identity and testimony of being catholic and gay!

Since then I visited many times and each time my heart softened more!

And so now today, here I am delighted to be in Medjugorje and super grateful to Our Lady!

It is a beautiful sunny day, God loves me and there are very few people here making it even more perfect!!

Medjugorje, love it or hate it is a gift from heaven and I am so thankful to be part of it!

How long will I be here?

I don’t know!

How will it all work out?

I don’t know!

How will I afford it?

I don’t know

But the great thing is that I don’t need to know. Just like a child who trusts his mother, God is asking me to trust!

So if you have any prayer requests, message me and I will bring them to God through Our Lady on your behalf!

And if you want to be a part of God’s providence and help me and help Our Lady in my mission of prayer and evangelisation, that is good too!

Anyway, God bless you today from Medjugorje, one of my many ‘homes’!!

Wohooooooo….I love God so much!