Hi friends!

After a little break from writing I am back. Last time I had just left Split and arrived in Medjugorje!

Books could not fit all the blessings that God has poured out on us since coming here as He looks after our every need! We now have our long awaited spiritual director who is an utterly amazing priest ane gift!

We motor ahead getting up every morning at 7 and attending morning mass with the Franciscans at 7.30.

After some personal prayer time and breakfast we attend english mass at 10 a.m. where afterwards we catch up with our friends! The amazing thing about Medjugorje is that you never know from one day to the next who has just flown in! It’s exciting!

Providence provided us with an ideal little apartment and some friends with whom I prayed with last year so kindly paid our rent!

Yesterday they came to our place to cook us an irish stew and after mass today we are all going to celebrate together!.

Toni is getting on fantastically and is getting more healing every single day and has a thirst for prayer that is inspiring!

Seamus is in great form and heaven continues to pour out blessing after blessing on him!

And as for me I’m doing great as I constantly marvel at God’s hand guiding me through life in such an extraordinary way!

Each evening we attend the evening program which starts at 6 followed by rosary and healing prayers where we pray for Our Lady’s intentions!

So overall we are truly blessed to be here and we say a very big thank you to Gospa and also to all our friends here in Medjugorje who have welcomed us so much!

If you would like us to pray for your intentions, drop us a line! Prayer moves mountains!

Have a fantastic day and be blessed!

Your little brother in Christ