Good morning!

Well as you all know one of the things Our Lady asks for more than anything in Medjugorje is prayer for the conversion of sinners.

This morning as I was thinking of this my mind drifted to when I was a child and when my mum started saving money so that we would be able to go to college! At the time third level education in Ireland was not free and without money was not possible!

My mum saw ahead and began saving when I was only a very young child! I had no idea at the time what she was really doing and I’m sure if I was given the money I’d have much preferred to spent it on candy and toys!!

As I think of Our Lady I see that her motherly heart sees far ahead! She sees that this life is short and that things like careers and worldly success are very fleeting! She sees that the most important thing is our souls!

But just like the child who isn’t thinking of his third level education, many of God’s children are not thinking of the next life!

It seems too far away, too abstract and so many make no provisions for it!

But Our Lady being a mother is ‘saving’ for them anyway! Those of us who have been shown the light are being asked by Our Lady to offer prayers and sacrifices for those in the darkness.

And imagine when those souls die! Satan will shout “they are mine, they have not prayed and offered nothing to God” but Our Lady will come and she will say “I have been saving secretly for them and many prayers have been said for them by my apostles of love”!

Can you imagine how grateful they would be to Our Lady and to us for praying for them?!

And so today, let us thank God that we believe and never tire from praying for those who have still not received the grace that one day in eternity we may all give glory to God for His goodness and for saving us poor wretches from the fires of hell!