A few days ago I met a lady who had come to Medjugorje for the first time! Her reaction was this:

‘After 5 minutes I’d seen the Church and was shown where the mountain is and then I asked myself how I was going to spend a week here’

Turns out she didn’t want to go home after the week was up!

So it got me thinking of the beauty of Medjugorje and how it fights the heresies of our time!

1. Atheism

With over 30 years of apparitions which are still continuing the atheist is posed with a very serious problem!

2. Rationalism

With “nothing to do” besides pray and visit the mountains today’s rational mind is forced to let go and seek God in the heart!

Medjugorje offers no university degree in God’s love nor is it the place to come to get one’s doctorate in theology!

No! Medjugorje has been guided by Our Lady who has put in place a rigourous program of prayer and fasting with the cooperation of the local Franciscans.

From day one Gospa has focused on conversion of hearts, prayer from the heart and the healing of wounded hearts!

This is her way!

3. Vocations crisis

Countless vocations have been born out of Medjugorje where thousands of priests from all over the world come for spiritual rejuvenation.

4. Love for the Sacraments

With dwindling numbers of people around the world attending mass and going to confession, Medjugorje offers a wake up to the power of Jesus who works through the priests and who is present in the sacraments!

The church is filled to capacity for mass, thousands of people queue for hours to go to confession and adoration of the eucharist is an integral part of the prayer program in Medjugorje!

Obviously this isn’t an extensive list but it does show us the heart of Our Lady who has chosen this simple and mountainous place to be her international prayer headquarters!

Dear Gospa, we pray for simple and humble hearts and minds so that we may be your apostles of love to the far ends of the world!

God bless your day!