When I was growing up I thought prayer consisted of just saying a few phrases that I had learnt by heart!

My overactive mind found it very difficult to sit through an entire rosary which was very tedious to my child’s mind. I would try to pray a perfect Hail Mary and soon give up! I’d get very distracted and despite being gifted in mathematics I’d lose count and it was more probable I’d underestimate and stop at 8 hail Mary’s than overshoot and hit 12 of them!

I certainly had no love for prayer and well everybody knew it. At times my Grandparents would say the rosary and eternity seemed short as I counted down the mysteries and then the string of prayers that followed!

Every time that I heard the ‘Our Father’ I could not understand the old english and to me “who art in heaven’ sounded like a “wart in heaven” and I’d try not to laugh!

So how have I gone from one extreme to the other and if you dear reader are struggling to pray, how might you?

Ironically the solution lies in Our Lady’s messages in Medjugorje even if I had never heard of the place!

“Prayer from the heart”

And while I couldn’t spend 5 minutes reciting off prayers I discovered that I had a natural ability for spending hours talking to Jesus and Mary from my heart!

Unlike other friends, Jesus and Mary never got bored of me, never laughed at my millions of questions and better still was the fact that they never got tired and I didn’t even have to use my mobile phone credit to call them!

I discovered Jesus to be fun and interesting while also challenging and serious and Mary to be the most loving mother in the universe!

As I shared with them, they’d inspire me with ideas and over time I began to hear their voices! It’s hard to explain how it works but just as a musician can tell the difference between the sound of a violin amd a cello so can I distinguish very clearly the different voices!

And yet after 11 years I could summarise in one line what Jesus and Mary want!

They want friends!

Simple as that! Jesus is our big brother who desires to help us in life and in order to do so we must get to know him by talking to him, doing a retreat, reading the bible etc.

Jesus has good plans for all of us and desires to inspire our minds and intellect so we can carry them out!

Jesus is full of mercy, He gets that we may have got off to a bad start, He still wants to be our friend and considering that He vanquished even death himself, it’d be foolish of us to think that He couldn’t handle our problems!

Yet Jesus needs us to help Him too! He desires us to tell others about Him, to teach them how to pray, to give them new hope when all seems lost!

And so you see, once you begin to switch from the head to the heart you’ll find prayer to be a whole new universe and you’ll discover that your best friend has been silently waiting there all this time and His name is Jesus!

Have a great day and spend a minute with the Lord!