I was going to write ‘Happy St Patrick’s day’ but considering how that has been reinterpreted with drunken parties I’ve decided to err on the side of caution and wish you a ‘Holy St Patrick’s day’ instead!

St Patrick was one of those crazy saints! His life was full of visions and miracles which God used to direct him!

To be honest as I listened to his story every St Patrick’s day I became more and more cynical!

Were we honestly supposed to believe that God spoke to him in visions and helped him escape from Ireland where he was a slave and go to France!

It sounded like a great story for a movie but certainly not something real or to be believed!

So you can see dear reader the joke that was on me 11 years back when the very same Jesus appeared to me in visions and guided me out of Ireland and to France!!

Humble pie became my daily food as God defied my rational mind with the supernatural!

And so today as I spend Patrick’s day in Medjugorje, a place where the supernatural is normal, I think of Patrick!

Patrick not only left the pagan Ireland! No! He returned to bring them Jesus after becoming a priest.

It must have taken enormous courage to return to where he was a slave. After all he was doing well in France!

And can’t you see the parallel with Medjugorje where Our Lady is calling us to be her apostles of love and filled with the Holy Spirit to bring the reality and power of God to the unbelievers!

Paganism may not exist today in the same way but today’s paganism is rationalism and atheism and just as God had mercy on the Pagans of Ireland at that time and He sent Patrick to them, so too does God have great mercy on the unbelievers of today!

Many have never experienced the love of God and have become confused and disoriented by all the problems in the church. They do not hate God, they just don’t know God!

In the footsteps of Patrick Ireland became one of the centres of evangelization and missionaries worldwide!

The irish were known for being a wild and adventurous people and God used this to send them to the far ends of the world!

Even today we see irish people everywhere and irish pubs in the remotest lands! And while it’s true that Ireland is no longer a light of God’s love to the world there is no doubt that God has a plan and it is heartening to see thousands and thousands of irish pilgrims coming to Medjugorje!

So today let us pray to St Patrick for Ireland, for an outpouring of supernatural grace to flood out upon the country and for missionaries of God’s love to rise up and travel to the far ends of the earth to bring a taste of the irish to the broken and lost!!

Holy St Patrick’s day!!