Good morning!

This morning I was reflecting on God’s humour in my life and how He turns things around!

As a child I started serving mass very young! I was very small and I had to find the smallest soutane.

The church was a small church in a tiny village in the irish countryside!

As you can see there are 2 sides to the church. The women would sit on the left side and the men on the right and as the only door was in the middle, if you were late the whole world knew about it!

The priest was old and my dad used to tell me to be good in case he hit me!

To be fair, I never had a bad experience with a priest as a child.

I still recall the prayer Fr Cahir taught us before leaving the sacristy!

‘Go before us O Lord in this our sacrifice of prayer and praise and grant that what we say and sing with our lips we may believe in our hearts and that what we believe in our hearts we may practice and show forth in our daily lives, through Christ Our Lord, Amen’

A beautiful prayer that went totally over my head at the time!

Fr Cahir was a young priest and he came up with the idea of readers! And we were all asked to read. I was good at reading except at times when I’d read it all too fast! I used to be nervous trying to pronounce those funny names like ”ecclesiasticus’ and I certainly butchered a few of them!

My mum was very proud to see my read and who could blame her!

So there I was at 12 both serving and reading at mass.

” Next you’ll be saying mass Mike” joked the owner of the local shop and that was my biggest fear, that he was right!

Anyway I gave up serving mass at 15 and reading at 18 when I left for college. Free! Never to serve again!!

So can you imagine when 7 years later I found myself in Paris serving mass in latin every Sunday and a year afterwards where I was serving daily mass in Toulon in the south of France and ….you guessed it…I was reading too!

Despite not being French I’d be reading on Sunday mornings to a packed church and serving too!

Was God having a laugh or what!!

I was the only foreigner in that parish and I guess they found my accent cute!

So you see, at times in life God is preparing us for our futures when we have absolutely no idea!

It is only when we read our lives backwards that they will make sense! All the ‘whys’ will turn into ”becauses’ and all the complaints to gratitude!

And so dear reader, you may be going through a phase of your life that you don’t quite understand and yet God is asking you to trust and one day you’ll look back at it and smile and say ‘O, I get it now’!

You too may look back on your life and see now how God was guiding you all along even when you didn’t see it and this will help you to trust Him more in your current trials and difficulties!

And so on that note I’m off to mass where no, I’m not serving or reading, I’m praying!!

Bless your day!