How often at times do we ask the Lord to heal us and how often do we get annoyed that He is going so slowly?!

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up ‘fully healed’. Wouldn’t it be nice to be 100% free of doubts, anger, depression, anxiety, fear, lust, jealousy, pride to name but a few!

It is so very easy to fall into the trap of fear thinking that God can’t love me unless I’m healed, that somehow I must be healed to be pleasing to God who is not at all happy when He spots my broken parts!

But this is not God! God knows that full healing is sanctification and that it is a journey of a lifetime!

For God growing us in holiness is like how we would teach a child to read or write or an adult to drive!

God knows that it takes time and that we need a lot of practise. He knows that we will make 1000 mistakes and yet He also knows that if we persevere each mistake will be turned into a valuable lesson!

So you see, the journey of holiness isn’t about being perfectly healed and holy overnight but rather each day to give it our best shot!

In healing circles there are 2 dangers!

1. To want to be fully healed and so to lose patience. This will cause a person to run around the world receiving healing prayer after healing prayer in a frantic rush to get fully healed.

But inner healing is a little like chemotherapy to a cancer patient! You can’t tell the doctor that you want chemo every day until you’re healed!

The doctor must spread out the treatment over weeks and months for a reason.

And so it is with spiritual healing where Jesus, the divine doctor, spreads out the healing for a reason!

2. The second temptation is maybe worse! ‘God loves me the way I am so I have no need of any inner healing or change! How dare you suggest such a thing’.

This would be like a cancer patient who refuses all treatment and then drops dead a short time afterwards.

And so as usual the solution lies in the middle ground and in accepting that we are all ‘works in progress’.

Some people’s broken parts are more obvious than others and we must be very careful not to fall into pride forgetting that in the Lord’s eyes we may be far more broken ourselves!

And so today dear friends, you may be reading this and be feeling discouraged that you are not fully healed but the Lord smiles on you and says:

“look up child, you may not be fully healed but you are most certainly fully loved”

Have a great day!