Hello all from Medjugorje!

Yesterday I wrote a little about Divine Mercy and my life! Today I continue the theme hoping that Jesus will do for you what He did for me!

So when Jesus appeared to me He told me specifically to go to a town in the very south of France called Toulon!

I knew nothing about the church and was finding my way!

A little while later I was introduced to a religious community in Toulon called “The missionaries of Divine Mercy”.

I visited them on Christmas eve 2008 to ‘come and see’. I stayed for 18 months!

Their charism was evangelization and the divine mercy. Every day we’d be up at 7 ish for morning prayer (laudes) in latin and the rest of the day was divided into prayer and missionary evangelization!

Jesus taught me so much there. We evangelized with the priests in bars, on beaches, we knocked on doors and next to our church was a gay bar where we’d also reach out with a free wine at the church front before they went to the bar!

Every day at 3 pm we recited the divine mercy chaplet for everybody and our daily reading at lunch consisted of sister Faustina’s diary!

Even our bishop would come out with us at times and I’ll never forget going to a gothic bar with Monseigneur Rey!!

When I left France Jesus sent His little Michael to India. Arriving in Chennai with €30 in my pocket. I don’t think I could ever convey the battle in my heart to trust. But as I said yesterday, during these moments you got to trust even when you don’t trust!

After a few months with a french community Jesus sent this little leprechaun to Kerala and to the ‘Divine Mercy Retreat Centre’!

The superiour general took me under his wing as his special guest and for the next 2 months I had the run of the place!

The Divine Retreat Centre is based totally on the divine mercy and is the world’s largest catholic retreat centre. Thousands of people come from every corner of the world for healing and the testimonies are amazing with converted drug addicts and satanists and all!!

After 2 months there Jesus sent this little man to Australia and in Sydney He called me to serving in the Australian branch of the Divine Centre!

During the retreats I’d sit for about 6 hours in front of the Blessed Sacrament where I’d pray for the retreatants and where Jesus would give me some messages which I’d give to the priest!

Through this I learnt even more about the merciful heart of Jesus to heal and His desire to bring people into more and more freedom and love for Him!

It taught me of His desire to reach out, to go beyond boundaries and to bring His message of love and mercy to those who don’t know Him!

They may be covered in Tatoos and their faces may be hard to see behind all their piercings, yet Jesus was thirsting for them!

They might have been dressed in black and even Satanists and yet Jesus was thirsting for them!

They may have been back or white, hindu or atheist and yet Jesus was thirsting for them!

They may have been gay or straight or divorced 5 times and yet Jesus was thirsting for them!

And so Jesus sent me on and now a few years later here I am in Medjugorje at the Divine Mercy centre still talking about the same mercy!

The world over it is the same Jesus, the same mercy, the same message!

How much Jesus smiles when a lost soul comes back and how much He needs each one of us in our own way to be apostles of mercy and healing especially for the younger generation who so often are caught up in the world of sex, drugs and ‘success’.

And so I thank Jesus from the bottom of my heart that from Ireland to France to India to Medjugorje His divine mercy has never let me go and I ask each one of you to pray for my mission to bring the healing hope of Jesus to the broken of the broken all over the world!

May Jesus bless your hearts today with love, peace, healing and joy as your prayers help Him to bring lost broken sheep back home!