Good afternoon and I hope that you are doing well!

Today I decided to continue the theme of mercy thinking in particular of this message from Jesus to Sr Faustina:
I am offering people a vessel with which they are to keep coming for graces to the fountain of mercy. That vessel is this image with the signature: “Jesus, I trust in You” (327)

So Jesus wants us to keep coming to him because Jesus understands that we need His mercy every single day of our lives!

At times we associate mercy with big sinners such as drug addicts or prostitutes and we can feel that we don’t qualify because our lives seem half normal in comparison but the good news is that Jesus does not see it this way!

Jesus desires to bless everyone with gifts of mercy every day!

St Therese of the child Jesus was discouraged in her spiritual life after reading of Mary Magdelaine! Therese was sort of jealous of her!

Then Therese suddenly realised that God had even more mercy on Therese than on Mary Magdelaine. She realised that God gave her a wonderful mother and father and sisters and that this grace had saved her! Had she grown up under different circumstances, maybe she too would have been a prostitute!

It took profound humility for Therese to realise and understand this with her heart and it is no surprise that she later became both a saint and a doctor of the Church!

Saint Faustina whom Jesus Himself describes as misery itself wasn’t what we’d call a big sinner in today’s terms either and yet in Jesus’ eyes she was the weakest of the weak!!

And so this should encourage each one of us today to turn to Jesus for more mercy!

Whether you are a simple housewife at home struggling to trust Jesus fully with your kids or with forgiving somebody or whether you are a raving alcoholic, Jesus has mercy on both of you!

There is no misery too small that doesn’t attract Jesus’ mercy! All He wants is for us to come to Him with our problems with great trust!

So take a moment now and ask yourself what bothers you; where are you struggling?, what parts of your life do you find hard?

Even if they seem like silly things, don’t brush them away, if they matter to you then they matter to Jesus!

And now, with simple trust and faith bring each one of these things to Jesus.

“Jesus, I come to you with these things that are bothering me (now name them)

and now Jesus I ask for the grace for resolution of all these things believing that you can do it and that you love me!

And now, looking at Jesus say

“Jesus, I trust in you”

Continue to do this every day and even several times a day and like me, you will see miracles!

Bless you all