The last few days I have been writing about God’s mercy. At this stage we have established that God’s overflowing mercy is for every single one of us every day!

So this little message is to encourage us to ask for more mercy!

I once met a man in Paris. He told me that he would only go to communion once per month as he wanted to “leave graces for others who needed them more”!

Obviously his intention was good but sadly his theology was false!

You see God’s mercy is infinite and so there is no fear of it running out like oil or some other human commodity!

Jesus desires us to ask him for so many graces that our hearts overflow with love and this supernatural love pours out on everyone we meet whether it is the butcher in the supermarket as we buy our meat or our neighbours or friends!

When a soul approaches Me with trust, I fill it with such an abundance of graces that it cannot contain them within itself, but radiates them to other souls (Diary, 1074).

So you see, Jesus is looking for channels or vessels of mercy and this is the essence of evangelization which will happen automatically as He fills us with a joy and love that we just can’t help but talk about wherever we go!

As a child in Ireland I would look up at the large wires that were used to carry electricity. Every now and then I’d see extra big ones and my dad explained to me that these were used to carry electricity at a higher voltage!

The same is true for God’s love and mercy! The more we trust in Jesus and the more space we give Him in our hearts, the more grace He can pour into us and the more grace we can in turn pour into others!

So you see, the more we open our hearts to Jesus, the better it is for everybody; for us, for Him and for those around us!

So today, think of where you are living, think of the neighbours, the shop-workers, the school teachers, the doctors and nurses, the postman etc. and say to Jesus:

“Lord, fill me with such love and mercy today that it may overflow on every single person that I come into contact with and that in seeing me they see you”!!

And so we say….”Jesus, I trust in you”!

Have a merciful day!