Hello friends,

After a week of writing about the divine mercy I said I’d continue the theme and write today about trust!

The graces of My mercy are drawn by means of one vessel only, and that is — trust. The more a soul trusts, the more it will receive (1578).

So then, how can we increase our trust in Jesus?

Simple! How do you decide what doctor to go to or what school to send your kids?

You read up about them and you visit them!

And so it’s the same with Jesus! We can read about Jesus in the Bible and in the lives of the saints and in hearing what He has done for other people through testimonies!

We can then go to visit Him regularly in the church and ideally at the Blessed Sacrament and let the journey begin!

Trust is something that grows. Personally I’d like to trust Jesus far more than I do and yet He works with me as I am!

Like any area of our lives where we want to grow. It will not be easy!

Think of learning to drive or learning a foreign language or joining the gym. It takes a lot of hard work and it will stretch you.

It’s when we are being stretched and tested that our trust grows even more. It’s like your personal trainer suddenly increased all the weights you have been lifting at the gym and you come home exhausted and maybe discouraged when in fact you are doing so well that you were ready to go onto the next level!!

So you see, when Jesus is testing you, He is not being mean, the opposite! He is growing you so that your spiritual muscles of faith and trust will be even stronger!

So how does He do this?

HE will do this by putting dilemmas in front of us and calling us to trust! Numerous times I have personally found myself in foreign countries with less than €10 to survive and inside in my heart I’d hear the whisper ‘trust’.

Inevitably it always worked out but my moaning and groaning and complaining showed me that I was still a long way from trusting fully!

Similarly with you. You might be there praying for your kids and family and after 20 years the only thing you have to show for it is wrinkles on your face from worry!

And yet what does Jesus say? Trust! He is growing your faith on the inside by not letting you see the fruits on the outside!

And so today, I suggest that we all make a new and wild act of trust in the ocean of His mercy and we tell all discouragement and negative thinking to go!

So say it with me!