Good morning!

Last week I wrote about the Divine Mercy and God’s call for us to trust Him!

We all have heard the phrase “God won’t give you more than you can handle” and I’ll never forget an Australian friend who replied “I wish He wouldn’t trust me so much”!!

So you see, God gives us graces to trust and then He relies on us to put the graces into action!

At times this is very hard and we can feel that He has abandoned us! Even as I write I’m conscious of needing a new accommodation in one weeks time and not having much money. If I was to entertain the negative thoughts in my mind I could finish in the hospital by the end of the day!

So why don’t I and why don’t you and why does Jesus allow such trials despite all our prayers!

The answer is simple, in order to purify our trust and also in order to humble us so we can see how much we really need him!

So yes, Jesus trusts in me and in you to do our best, to persevere when it’s hard, not to give into doubts when they come, to love and support each other in our difficult moments, to seek forgiveness when we mess up, to make acts of faith and trust every day even if they are not perfect, to pray daily, to offer Him our suffering….

Sure we will probably do none of these things perfectly but it’s the intention of heart that counts!

So this week, we trust in Jesus and Jesus trusts in us! So let’s all do our best and trust in God’s mercy for the rest!

Bless u all and please pray for me a suitable place to stay for Seamus and Toni here in Medjugorje!