Good morning and thank you for your prayers yesterday! Almost miraculously we found a new accommodation and we continue to trust in the Lord’s providence to pay for it and to eat!

So this week I’m writing about our trust in Jesus and how Jesus trusts in us to trust in Him!

That’s a lot of trust, I hope I haven’t confused you!

So ya, Jesus asks us to make acts of trust and this is how we grow. However He doesn’t leave us alone to do this because if He did it’d just be positive thinking!

No, Jesus has provided medicines for our spirits in order to give us the ability to trust and so it should come as NO SURPRISE that these coincide perfectly with the 5 stones of Medjugorje!

1. Eucharist

As we receive Jesus, we receive into us HIS ability to trust!

I have tried all sorts of tablets and vitamins for anxiety and depression and yet none came close to the Eucharist.

Jesus fills our souls with strength, wisdom, perseverance when we receive Him in a state of grace!

2. Confession

Jesus said to St Faustina that every time we go to confession that we receive far more graces than we expect!

Confession is a healing balm for the soul! Think of a bucket that leaks water, at times we are that bucket and we start our day full of trust only to end it full of despair!

Somehow the graces of trust leaked out of us!

But not to worry! God repairs leaks and with this wonderful sacrament we grow stronger and healthier in our ability to TRUST!

3. Bible Reading

From the old testament to the new testament the Bible stories scream one thing, TRUST!

From the prophets to stories of David and Golliath to the Gospels to the acts of the apostles we see a God that is faithful and is constantly calling us to persevering in trust in Him!

Fortunately we hear these readings every day at mass to both inspire us and to set an example for our lives!

4. Fasting

Fasting strengthens our will and what is another way of saying that? Increasing our trust of course!

Trusting at times means passing through many trials and doubts and obstacles and like a ship sailing through a storm, without a firm resolution to stay on course it would be very easy to be blown away!

Fasting helps to strengthen our wills and so gives us the strength to trust in the storms.

5. Adoration of the Eucharist

As we spend time with Jesus in front of the Eucharist He strengthens our spirits even more and He purifies our ability to love Him and to trust in Him!

Demons flee and the Holy Spirit infuses gifts of love and trust in our souls!

I know a girl who would sit in front of Jesus as she was doing her PhD in physics and Jesus would inspire her how to go forward!

When we spend time in front of Jesus and bring our problems to Him, very often He will inspire us as to how to proceed and He will give us the grace to trust in His ways!

And so you can see, the call to trust is the call to love and to allowing God’s will to be done in our lives!

We see that the call of the Divine Mercy to trust fits perfectly into the messages of Medjugorje where Our Lady brings us by the hand to Jesus!

So may we pick up our 5 stones today and continue trusting!

“Jesus, I trust in you”

“Jesus, I trust in you”

“Jesus, I trust in you”