Good morning all from sunny Medjugorje!

The temperatures have increased and the pilgrims are coming with the first flights from Ireland arriving just a few days ago!

How wonderful it is to see so many people thirsting to get closer to God and sacrificing time and money in order to come over.

How pleasing it must be to Our Lady when people give their hard earned money to go on pilgrimage rather than on a holiday in the sun with no God!

It is a wonderful testimony to those around them and is also a testimony to all here! A few weeks ago a man from Chicago told me that his mates were laughing at him for coming here! He came anyway!

Sadly we live in these times when giving God time is scorned at and often He just gets the bare minimum!

People sadly haven’t experienced His love or mercy at a deep enough level to give Him all and to put Him at the centre of their lives and maybe some have but are unwilling to give Him more!

And this is why Medjugorje is so so special. Everybody is here to seek God, to seek blessings and healings for their families and to console the heart of Jesus who is so rejected in today’s modern world of indifference!

And so today I thank God for the full-time calling He has given me to making Him known. It is a privilege to meet and share with fellow pilgrims here and to encourage them on their search for God!

And so today, maybe you haven’t been to Medjugorje yet and you have a week’s holiday coming up! Why not put aside what other people may say or think and come to Medjugorje where your heavenly mother will bless and reward you in abundance and pour blessings on your families!

Remember, this life is short and we only get one go at it! Let’s be smart and put God at the centre!

Bless you all