Hello friends!

It’s Monday in Medjugorje and it would seem that the irish pilgrims brought the irish weather with them as it’s cloudy and rainy!

Nevertheless the sun is breaking through the clouds and continues to give us light!

Perhaps we could use this analogy for our spirits too! We may be feeling cloudy and that the sun (Holy Spirit) has disappeared! Nonetheless He is still there lighting up our lives behind the clouds!

As the sun shines on the clouds they eventually burst! Rain pours out and then the sky clears!

How similar it is with our souls! As the sun shines on our clouds they can seem to get even bigger and darker!

Worry turns into fear.

Concerns turn into fixations.

Doubts turn to unbelief.

Remorse turns to guilt!

Yes, we can feel submerged as if one big black cloud is over us and that it will never leave!

And yet the sun continues to shine and then BOOM….the cloud bursts!

Out rains all our inner pains and doubts, out cries our confusion and fears, out thunders our anger and hatred!

Sometimes this happens while we are with a friend, other times it happens while we are alone in prayer and we just start crying and crying!

Again at other times it can happen during mass or during confession!

After this eruption just like the sky, our minds clear and the sun shines more than ever!

We wonder how we doubted, we say to ourselves that we will never doubt again, knowing deep in our hearts that we made this promise many times before!!

And so most of all we look to Jesus and smile and say:

“you must really love me to put up with me and my doubts, you must smile at the promises that I make but can’t keep, you are indeed a patient God”

And so we taste His love and mercy all over again!

So yes, it is true! Every cloud does indeed have a silver lining!

Jesus, I trust in you!



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