Yesterday I had a funny experience. I had a bit of a stomach bug so needed to use the toilet!

It was a public toilet and I had to pay which is not unusual!

The unusual bit came afterwards when I came out of the toilet and I was asked to pay again!

Now I’ve heard theories that people who are overweight should have to pay for more space on an aircraft but I’ve never come across this in a toilet before!!

Now I will admit that I did get value for money but still!!

The issue was that I flushed twice (rather than a weigh system!!)

While it is sort of funny, it is also sad that the world can be so ‘aggressively secular’ as the preacher said this morning!

However, it does also make me think and appreciate more the church.

We can go to church for free, we can receive Holy Communion for free, we can go to confession for free!

We can go to prayer meetings for free, we can talk to a priest for free, we can visit Jesus at the Blessed sacrament for free. We can go for healing prayer for free!

Just like the toilet example, at times we can take so much for granted!

So today let’s take a moment to thank God for the gift of the church and our priests and all those in ministry! Sure there are problems like everywhere but when we think of all that is made freely available to us we can’t but say thank you!