Hi all,

Today I was reading a few pages of a book about Medjugorje.

I stumbled on one of the first messages or Our Lady:

“I am here to tell you that God exists and that God loves you”.

It is a shockingly simple message and yet if we think about it very powerful.

There are 2 parts:

1. God exists

How many people today deny this with every sort of explanation from genius to plain insanity and as a result live their lives with no prayer and no bigger picture of why God made them and how he may like them to live their lives.

Here in Medjugorje one meets many converts and many are still healing from the mistakes of their pasts.

2. God loves you

At one level it sounds obvious but a priest once said to us

“God loves you, how do you respond to him”

and that was the start of his own journey to the priesthood!

You see it’s easy get caught up in the ‘God loves me and so I do as I please’ mentality but we must pass from that to the ‘why and what can I do for God’ mentality!

God is a person, 3 if we get technical and if He loves us then He’d like to spend time with us, to guide us, to heal us, to show us the road to true happiness!

Just like a loving Dad He has our best interests at heart and knows us inside out!

At times we have our own ideas about what’s good for us and we can be afraid that this ‘loving God’ will trick us into a life of misery!

However this isn’t true, God is calling us all to a personal relationship with Him and an encounter of His love and presence.

Many people come to Medjugorje and they experience God for themselves!

For some it’s as they wander on the mountains and a supernatural peace hits them and at times they cry spontaneously!

For others they go to confession after 30 years and are blown away by the freedom in their souls and the love and kindness of the priest!

Others are deeply moved at Eucharistic adoration where thousands kneel and sing in a climate of prayer and peace.

For others it is the people they meet as they come. God puts the right people on our paths and at times these encounters can leave us utterly amazed!

And so on and so on!

So you see, Medjugorje is a place where God is revealing in a personal and experiential way that

1. He exists and

2. He loves you

and He is using His humble servant, Our Blessed mother, to assist Him!

So come to Medjugorje if you haven’t been and if you have well then come back!!

And remember! God exists and God loves you.

May your day be filled with little signs of His love for you today as you wander about!