One of the terms that has been used to describe Medjugorje is the ‘confessional of the world’.

One of the main gifts of Medjugorje is the gift of peace and peace comes from being in right relationship with oneself, with God and with neighbour!

And so Our Lady sends her children to the sacrament of healing, confession!

Queen of heaven though she may be, she does not herself have the power to forgive sins and heal souls in this way!

Like a good mother her job is to teach us and guide us and then bring us to the priest in confession who she is helping too!

She is like a super skilled nurse in an operating theatre helping the patient and guiding the surgeon during the operation!

She might inspire you to confess or talk about certain issues that you had forgotten or she may inspire the priest to ask you certain questions to help free you!

Either way, she knows what she is doing!

Born free of sin Our Lady never knew the disconnect we feel. She was in union with God and at peace with herself and she desires us to experience the same thing!

Confession of course isn’t a one stop wonder. Our Lady encourages everyone to go once per month because she knows that our souls need ongoing healing because we are not perfect!

Holiness is a way of life rather than a one day or one week trip!

Our Lady needs us to decide to become Holy, to follow the way of God, to seek healing for our souls, to take responsibility for our pasts, to give Jesus our futures!

It is not easy, it takes time, soul searching, a lot of pain and honesty with oneself and others.

Yet, it is the only way and when you see thousands of people of all ages lining up for confession here in Medjugorje you realise that you are not alone!

So today, why not turn over a new page in life! Decide to become a saint and put the care of your soul at the centre of your life!

And where does it all begin?!

Yep! The confessional!

Our Lady, guide us and guide our priests to make humble and healing confessions that allow the grace of God into our deepest wounds and cravings for love!

Bless you all and pray for our priests!