Last night I was having a pizza when a man from Austria asked if he could sit at my table as the restaurant was full. As he was already seated when he asked it was more of a fact than a question!

In any case I didn’t mind, until all his friends came and all I could hear was german all around me!

In these circumstances I have learnt to seek God’s will and look for the blessing rather than focus on the inconvenience!

Out of courtesy the lady opposite me asked me who I was and how long I was here etc. I explained to her that I have been on the road since 2008 witnessing and talking about Jesus to whoever will listen to me!

Surprisingly she asked for my testimony and then she introduced me to a larger table of people to share again!

One of them asked if I would pray with her and of course I said yes! And that was the beginning of 3 hours of praying with people, as usual totally unplanned and unexpected!

What hit me is the number of parents worried about their children who have left the church and time after time as I prayed my hand got hot and I heard Jesus say

‘do not worry, allow me to touch your heart instead’.

And then many opened up that they too were feeling that God didn’t love them or that perhaps God was blaming them for the lack of faith of their kids!

Tears rolled down many cheeks as the Holy Spirit touched them and simply said ‘let me heal you first and then I can use you to help them’!

And so it showed me once again that Jesus is so merciful, so gentle, so kind and that He wants to keep healing YOU first and then he’ll use you to heal your family with the overflowing love that he will put in your heart for them!

And so today you may be bogged down by all your worries and a family who don’t believe and you may be begging Jesus to change them!

Yet, Jesus is smiling and He says

“Please, let me heal you even more instead”!

So today, whether you know Jesus for 6 months or 60 years join me in this simple prayer:

“Jesus, it’s me again, poor old me, I need more healing so today Lord I put my worries and family aside and I say HEAL ME”

Have a wonderful day of being loved and healed by Jesus!